May 01, 2017 1 min read

Mark Brophy / Toronto / Adventure Guide

Adventure Guide 

May 2017


Thompson Rivers University Adventure Guide Graduates and best friends, Mark Brophy, Oscar Haley, Nic Hamilton, Carter Jewett, and Chris Peterson, will be summiting Mt. Logan (5,959m peak) in the Yukon in May. We are very qualified after two years of hard study under real mountain guides and feel this is the perfect final test and capstone of our time at TRU. This will be the biggest and baddest expedition any of us have undertaken, but we are confident and stoked.

Why Nomad: calories, calories, calories, we need the cleanest, all natural meals that are lightweight and can withstand the beating of an expedition, while properly nourishing us for the push up Mt. Logan.

What we did: Nomad Nutrition provisioned the Locked and Logan team with enough meal pouches to last a week at Camp 4.

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