February 01, 2017 1 min read

Reuben Krabbe/ Squamish, BC / Action Sport Photographer

 Reuben Krabbe

February 2017


In mid February I'm going to be heading up to Valemount in northern British Columbia, to shoot a story about the incoming ski resort. Our current plan is a three-to-four night treeline base camp, and three days spent ski touring and exploring the area. It'll be a feature story in Forecast ski magazine in fall/winter 2017/18.

Why Nomad: I have to say, Nomad Nutrition’s primary goals of tasty, vegetarian, weight conscious, and micro nutrient balanced meals, is exactly the type of food I was looking for to fuel our trips.

What we did: Nomad Nutrition provisioned Reuben and his four colleagues with enough food for the four nights of skiing in Valemount.

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