May 02, 2017 1 min read

Naomi Prohaska / Pemberton, BC / Mountaineering


Naomi Prohaska

May 2017


Naomi Prohaska and a small team will be attempting to summit Mount Logan (5,959m) in the Yukon to become the youngest person to summit Canada’s tallest mountain. Naomi happens to be 15 years old. Naomi has already been exposed to the back country a little bit with summiting the top of 10 mountains including Mt. Baker (3,286 m), Mt. Wedge (2,895 m), Mt. Garibaldi (2,678 m), Mt. Matier (2,783 m), Mt. Marriott (2,735 m) and Mt. Sloan (2,720 m).

Why Nomad: One of my biggest concerns for the trip is being properly fueled. At home I eat healthy but I find it's more challenging to do this in the mountains.

What we did: Nomad Nutrition provisioned Naomi and her team with enough pouches to sustain her push to the summit from Camp 4.

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