Naomi Prohaska

Naomi Prohaska / Pemberton, BC / Mountaineering


May 2017


Naomi Prohaska and a small team will be attempting to summit Mount Logan (5,959m) in the Yukon to become the youngest person to summit Canada’s tallest mountain. Naomi happens to be 15 years old. Naomi has already been exposed to the back country a little bit with summiting the top of 10 mountains including Mt. Baker (3,286 m), Mt. Wedge (2,895 m), Mt. Garibaldi (2,678 m), Mt. Matier (2,783 m), Mt. Marriott (2,735 m) and Mt. Sloan (2,720 m).

Why Nomad: One of my biggest concerns for the trip is being properly fueled. At home I eat healthy but I find it's more challenging to do this in the mountains.

What we did: Nomad Nutrition provisioned Naomi and her team with enough pouches to sustain her push to the summit from Camp 4.

Adventure Guide

Mark Brophy / Toronto / Adventure Guide


May 2017


Thompson Rivers University Adventure Guide Graduates and best friends, Mark Brophy, Oscar Haley, Nic Hamilton, Carter Jewett, and Chris Peterson, will be summiting Mt. Logan (5,959m peak) in the Yukon in May. We are very qualified after two years of hard study under real mountain guides and feel this is the perfect final test and capstone of our time at TRU. This will be the biggest and baddest expedition any of us have undertaken, but we are confident and stoked.

Why Nomad: calories, calories, calories, we need the cleanest, all natural meals that are lightweight and can withstand the beating of an expedition, while properly nourishing us for the push up Mt. Logan.

What we did: Nomad Nutrition provisioned the Locked and Logan team with enough meal pouches to last a week at Camp 4.

Kieran Brownie

Kieran Brownie / Squamish, BC / Mountaineering


May 2017


Kieran Brownie and three good friends (local Squamish crushers Luke Neufeld, Marc-Andre Leclerc and Brette Harrington), are heading into an untraveled section of the Canadian Rockies by horse for a month to develop and free new routes up some really wild walls of blue and yellow overhanging limestone. The team will have a base camp in the valley, but will be equipping and freeing the routes from portaledges.

Why Nomad: Kieran has seen some great content from Nomad Nutrition and had a lightbulb moment when he realized that Nomad Nutrition is also a Pacific Northwest company that supports local athletes.

What we did: Nomad Nutrition provisioned the team with a wide variety of meals for the arduous trip.

Reuben Krabbe

Reuben Krabbe/ Squamish, BC / Action Sport Photographer


February 2017


In mid February I'm going to be heading up to Valemount in northern British Columbia, to shoot a story about the incoming ski resort. Our current plan is a three-to-four night treeline base camp, and three days spent ski touring and exploring the area. It'll be a feature story in Forecast ski magazine in fall/winter 2017/18.

Why Nomad: I have to say, Nomad Nutrition’s primary goals of tasty, vegetarian, weight conscious, and micro nutrient balanced meals, is exactly the type of food I was looking for to fuel our trips.

What we did: Nomad Nutrition provisioned Reuben and his four colleagues with enough food for the four nights of skiing in Valemount.