I placed an order online—when can I expect my shipment?
On average, it takes four business days to process an order and five days for delivery. See Shipping & Returns for more details. 

Where do you currently deliver to?
Currently we delivery across North America and we are looking to expand. If you are interested in distribution outside of North America, please contact us.

What is your return policy?
Please see Shipping & Returns for details on our return policy. 



Are the meals only for athletes and outdoor pursuits?
No they are for anyone who values healthy, convenient meals. While optimized for athletes, our meals are wholesome, nutrient-packed, and great tasting for on the go lifestyles, whether you’re busy at work, at home or in the outdoors.

How do I use the meal pouch?
Open the pouch, remove the oxygen package, and fill boiling hot water to the top of the dehydrated food. Make sure you give it a good stir, reseal it, wait for five to eight minutes, and then enjoy. If you’re cold, hug the pouch to your chest. If you’re at home or at the office, you might like to pour it in a bowl.

How long does a meal take to cook?
After you open the pouch, remove the oxygen package and add hot water, it takes less than 10 min. to cook. 

Your meals are plant-based. Do they contain enough protein?
We optimize our meals to have more than enough protein for our athletes to compete anywhere (25 g or more per meal). Try them and you’ll be stoked about the energy you’ll have and how well you’ll be fuelled. If it works for athletes, it will work for you, too.

Do the meals contain any preservatives?  How do you preserve the meals?
None whatsoever. We use a revolutionary, exclusive drying technology called REVdry, which locks in nutrients and flavour and keeps food dry and safe for longer periods of time without using preservatives.

How long do the meals keep?
So far, we have confirmed testing for two seasons. We’re currently testing shelf life beyond two years and will provide an update once the results are out.

Are you using organic ingredients?
Yes, we do use certified organic ingredients whenever we can, all are 100 per cent natural and fresh, and most come from local farms. Please check the meal pouches for which ingredients are organic.

Are the meals dairy and gluten free?
Yes. They are allergen-free and contain no dairy, gluten, or soy. In addition, they are non-GMO and palm oil free. 

Will the meals cook in high altitude?
Yes. We’ve tested them up to 20,000 feet. Please ensure the water is boiling hot when you pour it in your meal pouch and let it cook a bit longer.



How do you make the meals?
All our meals are made in-house, from scratch, in small batches. We do not mix existing dehydrated food from unknown sources. 

What is the difference between freeze-dried food, dehydrated food and REV-dried food?
The process of freeze-drying or traditional dehydrating compromises taste, texture and colour, and in the case of dehydration, also the nutrient value due to the high-heat process. The REVdry process uses more efficient low-temperature drying, that is rapid, removes 98 per cent of moisture and locks in the nutrients, taste, smell and texture of the food. This is revolutionary drying technology because no chemicals, no preservatives, and no artificial colours are required to prepare the meals.

Are the meal pouches recyclable?
The meal pouches are made out of paper with an aluminum liner. Both paper and aluminum can be recycled; however, please double check with your local recycling facility to ensure they will take the pouches as every jurisdiction is different.

What are your sustainability practices?
We are by no means perfect, but we are committed to transparency and to improving our practices whenever and wherever we can. We produce our meals in small batches, right here in the Pacific Northwest. We make everything from scratch using whole, organic and local ingredients whenever possible, and our meal pouches are made from paper with an aluminum liner.



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