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Wholesale Kathmandu Curry - 50gram

  • Mealtime Transcendence in a snack pack!

    Best backpack food for the soul. Nourish your body and your spirit with this energy-dense and flavourful Nepalese-style curry. Let this aromatic blend of spices, vegetables and noodles infuse your soul and inspire your next adventure. 

    Do we see a Himalayan summit in your future?

    Shelf Life: 24 months
    Allergen Statement: Manufactured in an allergen-free facility

  • This high-quality backpack meal is:

    Rich in Plant-Based Proteins
    Excellent source of fibre
    Without added anything

  • Each package features:

    High energy, all natural ingredients
    No added preservatives
    Allergen Free
    Cooks in under 10 minutes!

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