Instant Quinoa

  • Well, we did it! We invented something so unique and outlandish no one else has thought of it. (for better or for worse) 

    Introducing the world premiere of organic Instant Quinoa! We seriously googled it, there is nothing out there like this.  Boil it, microwave it, or hot soak it, our organic quinoa from Bolivia heats up in minutes! Isn't this AMAZING?

    Nothing added! 
    The best thing invented since instant rice! 

    Shelf Life: 60 months!

  • This high-quality staple has:

    INGREDIENTS: Organic Bolivian Quinoa.  (yup, that simple, nothing added)

  • Each package features:

    High energy, all natural ingredients
    No added preservatives
    Allergen Free
    Functional Fruit Snack!

 Gluten FreeDairy FreeSoy FreePalm Oil FreeNon GMO

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