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Giga Pack

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    Tired of buidling your shipping carts? Us to, here is everything we got in our catalogue in one easy to use button.  Get everything we have in one click, get the 'whole shebang'. The Giga Pack comes with free shipping & 5% discount.   

    1x Hungarian Goulash (full serving)
    1x Irish Shepherd's Pie (full serving)
    1x Kathmandu Curry (full serving)
    1x Indian Red Lentil Stew (full serving)
    1x Ukrainian Borscht (full serving)
    1x Caribbean Curry (full serving)
    1x Hungarian Goulash (snack serving)
    1x Irish Shepherd's Pie (snack serving)
    1x Kathmandu Curry (snack serving)
    1x Indian Red Lentil Stew (snack serving)
    1x Ukrainian Borscht (snack serving)
    1x Caribbean Curry (snack serving)
    1x Compostable Wooden Spoon
    1x Nomad Sticker

    Shelf Life: 36 months

  • Our high-quality backpack meal are:

    Rich in Plant-Based Proteins
    excellent source of fibre

  • Each package features:

    High energy, all natural ingredients
    No added preservatives
    Allergen Free
    Cooks in under 10 minutes!

 Gluten FreeDairy FreeSoy FreePalm Oil FreeNon GMO               

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