A Taste Of Our New Recipes!

A Taste Of Our New Recipes!

October 22, 2018

OMG, FINALLY! Ukrainian Borscht & Caribbean Curry are officially joining the Nomad Nutrition family!

Here is a tasty preview of our new flavors that will be sure to excite your taste buds.

Meet Caribbean Curry

This recipe was inspired by our appreciation of the bold flavors and beneficial properties of Caribbean cuisine. We used a combination of bold and flavorful spices and fresh, nutrient-dense vegetables to heal the body and warm the spirit.

Base ingredients: Quinoa, Local Harvest Vegetables, Organic Coconut Milk

Key Spices: Garlic, Ginger, Caribbean Curry blend

Benefits: Energizing, healthy gut, macro balanced, vegan-friendly, dietary friendly

Characteristics: Bold, flavor fusion, robust, warming

Feelings after the first bite: “I’ve been transported to a small charismatic island. My ears fill with the sound of crashing waves along the sea and the sound of calypso tunes being played nearby. My soul is warm and my mind relaxed”.


 Meet Ukrainian borscht

This recipe comes from the family kitchen of our founder, passed down through the generations with pride and care. We used a combination of beans, root vegetables and a special blend of spices to provide that same classic, hearty borscht flavor without the need for meat.

Base ingredients: Organic Kidney beans, Beets, Cabbage

Key Spices: Organic Turmeric, Dill, and Smoked Paprika

Benefits: Anti-inflammatory, rich in fiber, high in antioxidants, vegan-friendly, dietary friendly

Characteristics: Comforting, fragrant, hearty, savory

Feelings after the first bite: “I am twelve again and back in my grandmother’s kitchen, feeling loved and warm and safe”.  

 My personal opinion? I love them both! Check out our pre-order page to get your hands on these meals in time for the upcoming winter season! 

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